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We are EmyLiveShow - Hentai Hostess Club of 3D anime vtubers/lewdtubers! Your perfect webcam waifus want to have fun with you! We stream hentai, we do private ERP sessions and we have a lot of lewd hentai art/3D and IRL content for you!

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EmyLiveShow games

Check our games

EmyLiveShow: Dragon and Mistresses Tale

Dragon & Mistresses Tale

Join four hot Vtuber girls on a kinky fantasy role-playing adventure. Roll the dice and break hearts in the new EmyLiveShow's tabletop RPG themed hentai visual novel!
EmyLiveShow - Hentai Puzzle Game

Hentai Puzzle Game

Emy, Nia, Uma, and Six will appear before the player for the first time in more innocent and yielding forms, drawing closer by revealing their classic outfits, and fully opening up in latex fetish BDSM attire.
EmyLiveShow: S&M Story Game

S&M Story

Discover the depths of your fetishes and kinks with EmyLiveShow stars Emy and Nia! Spend amazing hours in the company of beautiful v-tubers and find out their secrets!
ViRo - Emy: Chains of Fate

Chains of Fate

PC (+VR optional) femdom experience from Emy by ViRo! Get ready to become vampire's slut! Choose your gender and prepare to 20 minutes of POV ERP bdsm ride!

EmyLiveShow's Hentai Hostesses:

Uma The Shaman Queen
Emy The Vampire Queen
Nia The Gamer Queen
Six The Alien Queen

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